Saturday, September 19, 2009

Long time no post

So recently, I've been working on a series of bilingual kids books for a major state publisher in China. It's been a very educational experience to say the least...

I originally did 2 and a half books with mixed media, I made custom brushes by scanning in textures and paint effects and then painted/drew everything in Photoshop. Here are some sample spreads:

Halfway through this process, I had submitted a dummy version of half of one of the books, and the publishers chose the dummy version over the originals because they were too "modern" or something like that for Chinese audiences. After much back and forth... I ended up redoing all of the books I had previously done in the style that I did the dummy in. Here are the samples of the same spreads:

While I do agree that the version that ended up going to press is simpler and clearer, I'm still a bit disappointed that the originals which I personally preferred more, were cut. On the plus side, I'll be shopping for takers of the entire series (in the original art style) Stateside without worrying about legal hassle.

As for other things I've been working on... I'm currently doing ad/post production for an independent film called The Evangelist. It's essentially what would happen if Tarantino got his hands on a Spielberg script and threw in gratuitous amounts of gay and religious subtext. I'd show work for that, but I'm not quite sure when we're allowed to release those images so stay tuned for that in the near future.

Also... here are some random scribbles for shits and giggles:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats extremely weird, the whole "two modern" thing. I mean, the Olympic bird's nest was pretty modern?!

Ah well, both versions are really neat! I hope you can use the first round for something at least. :)

10:18 PM  
Blogger Sourya said...

Yes !
Both version are very beautiful (even though I have a preference for the simpler style, which I think looks more "funny" to watch) ! Congrats on those ;)

9:24 PM  

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